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Medieval Studies Class
Interdisciplinary Studies

Medieval Studies

Coordinator: John Black

→ Student Learning Outcomes

504 Gateway Time-out

Core (two courses): 

504 Gateway Time-out

Electives (two courses): Selected from the list below. At least one of the two elective courses must come from a discipline outside of English or history.

Capstone (MDVL 370): see further below

List of elective courses:

   Art 113 Global Perspectives in Art History to the Renaissance (M6)
   English 104*
   English 350* Chaucer
   English 355* Literature and Culture of Medieval Britain
   History 117 England through the Reign of Elizabeth (M1)
   History 119 Arab-Islamic Civilizations (M5)
   History 237 Popular Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
   History 238 Women in Europe, 500-1700
   History 376 Medieval Peasants
   Music 281 Western Music to 1750
   Philosophy 243 Medieval Philosophy

* Whichever is not selected as the required course above.

190-99, 290-99, 390-99. Special Topics. 


370. Capstone in Medieval Studies.  

286, 381-384. Independent Study. 

400-401. Honors.

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